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Tobi Olabajo
Do nothing; Become nothing!
Do nothing; Become nothing!
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I'm Tobi
Hi, my name is Tobi Olabajo, I am an Entrepreneur and Life Strategist.

I am the Founder of Tobeetoe Technologies, a reputable Web Design firm and Picsible, an online framing platform.

Growing up, I was "fortunate" to be battered by life in ways ummeasurable. I say fortunate because now that I think about it, if I had not gone through the things I went through, I would still be searching for my life's purpose.

I failed very early in life, went through depression and often sought to end my life as it was at a complete standstill and I wasn't making any progress.

I blamed everyone around me for my circumstances until one day when I had an eureka moment and discovered I was the cause of my setbacks.

And that very day, after reminiscing for 4 hours, I swore to pick up my life and put it on the path to success and that I did as 8 months after, I was staring at a 7 digits figure in my bank account.

I believe I have cracked the code to monumental living and I am on a mission to sharing that code with everyone.

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4 Habit Myths
In the mindset chapter of my book, How to Quit Unwanted Habits Permanently. I wrote about how I turned on my TV one day and watched a program where the host said and I quote: "The best thing to do......